When it comes to selecting a content management system (CMS), like WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal among others, too many people focus on the external elements, like a CMS' reputation rather than on how the platform aligns with their goals, resources, and team - which is what ultimately yields results.

As a marketer, it is your job to deliver results.

Those results may take the form of traffic, downloads, inquiries, sign-ups, leads, qualified prospects or a host of other things. Hopefully, return on investment (ROI) is one of them.

For most marketers, your website is a critical part of your marketing mix. It is the platform you drive traffic to, and derive traffic from by attracting visitors from search engines and social media. As a critical point of confluence for your marketing efforts, the most important thing is that it works. That means the site is up, showing the right content to the right people without errors or issues. Simple as it sounds, it is easier said than done.

We've all been there before - a vanity URL isn't redirecting correctly, resulting in a 404; or a landing page is showing the wrong content or no sign up form; or a new plug-in, module, or extension that should have been a simple plug-and-play addition is causing the site to crash. It is the reason we decided to create this review specifically for marketers.

To make the most of your marketing, you want to invest your time in the areas that produce the greatest results.

Dealing with CMS issues usually isn’t a high-value time investment. Every marketer has different goals and criteria, different resources available to them, and different team members with various levels of comfort and expertise with technology.

We've built many sites using WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and in our experience we've found that different systems work better for different teams based on the aforementioned criteria. For that reason, this review does not simply declare one CMS "best." Instead, we have ranked each of the top three open source content management systems, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, on various factors that can help you determine the best match for your team:

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