Tips When Choosing Access Mats For Heavy-Duty Machinery

When you need to manipulate machinery around a sensitive environment, such as an area with dirt and grass, then you need access mats. They keep the machinery from damaging the surface conditions and give the machinery extra grip. This advice will make it easier to find the perfect access mats for the job you're trying to complete. 

Make Sure Transportation Handles Are Included

Some access mats are pretty large and thus take more than a couple of people to safely transport. If you want to make transportation a lot easier for the access mats you end up using, then look to get mats that have transportation handles.

Then you and another partner can firmly grasp the handles and know the access mat won't fall. It will be way easier getting the access mat into the correct position based on where your machinery needs to operate as well.

Look for One-Piece Design

If you attempted to use access mats that had to be connected together, you can run into a couple of problems. One of them is having a longer installation process compared to just mats with a one-piece design. 

Also, some of the connected portions may not hold up and then cause problems for your machinery once it starts moving around these areas. You won't face these issues when you ensure the access mats are just one piece. They'll be easier to get into position and will hold up to the actions your machines perform on top of them.

Make Sure Materials Can Last

Access mats probably will be exposed to some pretty rough conditions. In addition to being outside all day long, they will most likely come in contact with dirt, grass, and potential moisture. You want mats that won't start breaking down when these things come into the work equation.

A long-lasting material you won't have to question from a weather damage standpoint is HDPE (high-density polyethylene). It's a weatherproof material that will give you the strength and reliability you need around a work site, especially when large machines move over them consistently. 

Access mats let you use heavy-duty machinery — including tractors — in a lot more places. If you see the value in their amazing characteristics, don't let the search process give you problems. Have a clear idea of the designs and materials you want these mats to have so that you're able to get an amazing fit for the worksite and machinery involved.