What Do Vacuum Dehydrators Do With Water?

Vacuum dehydration is a form of oil purification that uses heating and vacuuming to remove certain elements, like gas and water, from oil. When you are dealing with hydraulic oil, the vacuum dehydrator is very reliable and efficient.

There are three types of water found in the oil, and each one is slightly different, requiring dehydration in different ways.

Dehydrators Eliminate Free Water

Dehydrators can help eliminate free water from your oil. Free water sits separately from oil and can be seen easily. This kind of water typically collects at the bottom of a reservoir or system, so you can see how much is there. Free water is easily removed when you drain it through the drain port of your reservoir, but you can also use the dehydrator to improve the speed at which the water is eliminated from your system.

Dehydrators Eliminate Emulsified Water

Water that has been emulsified has mixed with the oil. Essentially, they have blended together. This means that you cannot see the emulsified water in the same way you will see free water. It does not settle at the bottom of the reservoir, which can make things more difficult to deal with. Many forms of technology struggle to remove emulsified water, but a dehydrator can help you.

Dehydrators Eliminate Dissolved Water

Dissolved water has completely dissolved into the oil, whereas emulsified oil remains free in the oil. You cannot see dissolved water, which makes it impossible to eliminate without the right equipment. Dissolved water is more likely to occur when temperatures increase, just as you can see sugar dissolve in water when temperatures increase.

Not all water can dissolve in the oil, so this is why you may still see some free water floating around even after some water dissolves into the oil. One reservoir can contain various types of water, which increases the importance of using a vacuum dehydrator.

What Should You Do Next?

Essentially the vacuum dehydrator will heat up the oil and then using a vacuum to prompt water to become steam. The tricky part is to prevent the thermal breakdown of the oil in the reservoir. Dehydrators are able to pull this off.

Are you thinking about renting a vacuum dehydrator to make your process more efficient? Rentals are available to help you dehydrate your oil in an efficient way. Get in touch with a vacuum dehydrator rental company today to scope out your options.