Keys to Finding The Right Dimensional Inspection Laboratory for Machined Parts

If you're involved in the manufacturing of machined parts, it's important to thoroughly examine your work to assess factors that could affect functionality. That's where dimensional inspection labs come in handy. They can analyze these parts using advanced software and tools. When looking for a dimensional inspection laboratory, these tips will prove helpful. 

Ask for Live Demos

Even if you've never had to work with one of these specialty labs before, vetting them isn't that difficult. That's because a lot of labs will actually offer live demos that give you a peek of the inspection services you'll be gaining access to.

Each laboratory will usually take a product you want tested and they'll show you the software and advanced equipment they use. They'll also likely give you results to analyze so you can see what helpful details each dimensional inspection laboratory can provide. Thanks to these live demos, you'll have a better understanding of each lab's testing capabilities.

Assess Quality of Coordinate Measuring Machine

The primary machine used during these dimensional inspections is called a coordinate measuring machine. It can capture the geometrical intricacies of any part you want analyzed. It's paramount to assess the quality of these coordinate measuring machines used by each laboratory. 

An easy way to go about this is to talk to clients who've worked with these labs before. They can give you personal accounts of the coordinate measuring machines involved. You can learn about each machine's testing thoroughness and reliability. If you find a lab that received rave reviews for both factors, that may be the one you'll want to work with.

Make Sure the Lab Is Accredited

Even if you don't know much about dimensional inspection services or the labs that carry out these special services, you can narrow your options down pretty quickly by looking for accredited labs. Any lab that's accredited to conduct dimensional inspections for machining parts is fully competent. Their practices have been analyzed by the appropriate organization, which has verified that the lab meets the necessary protocol to become accredited. That should give you a lot of confidence heading into these technical inspections. 

After manufacturing machine parts, it's highly recommended to have their geometric properties tested. That's where dimensional inspection laboratories can help. As long as you spend plenty of time analyzing these labs' operations and focusing on the right details, you can make a competent selection that leads to accurate inspection results every time.